Playlist 01: “Awwwww…”

Some of my favorite songs. Lyric-wise. These songs literally make me go “awwwww” , clasp my hand, bring them to my chest, and smile. Probably cry a little.
Here goes.

5 Seconds of Summer – Long Way Home
A Great Big World – I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else
A Rocket To The Moon – On Your Side
A Rocket To The Moon – Ever Enough
A Rocket To The Moon – Somebody Out There
Allie Moss – Corner
Alex and Sam – By Your Side
Anthem Lights – Love You Like The Movies
Before You Exit – Soldier
Boys Like Girls – Go
Boys Like Girls – Stuck In The Middle
Colbie Caillat – Realize
David Archuleta – My Kind of Perfect
David Archuleta – You Can
Dashboard Confessional – Even Now
Ed Sheeran – Autumn Leave
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
Ed Sheeran – Photograph
Faber Drive – When I’m With You
Meghan Trainor – What If I
He Is We ft. Owl City – All About Us
Hunter Hayes – Cry With You
Hunter Hayes – Invisible
Hunter Hayes – Somebody’s Heartbreak
Hunter Hayes – Still Fallin’
Hunter Hayes – Wanted
Ingrid Michaelson – Sort Of
James Morisson – I Won’t Let You Go
Jason Mraz – A Beautiful Mess
Jason Mraz – You & I Both
Jon McLaughlin – Beautiful Disaster
Jung Yong Hwa – Banmal Song
Justin Timberlake – Not A Bad Thing
Kodaline – High Hopes
Lady Antebellum – Hello World
Lady Antebellum – If I Knew Then
Lady Antebellum – Heart of The World
Lady Antebellum – Golden
Lady Antebellum – Can’t Stand The Rain
Lady Antebellum – She Is
Landon Pigg – Fallin In Love At A Coffee Shop
Leighton Meester – Runaway
Lights – Cactus In The Valley
Marianas Trench – Beside You
Matt Cradle – Amazing
Matt Cradle – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Mary Lambert – Sing to Me
One Direction – Little Things
One Direction – 18
One Direction – Night Changes
Owl City – Honey and The Bee
Owl City – Vanilla Twilight
Owl City – Technicolor Phase
Owl City – Sillhouette
Regina Spektor – How
Rosi Golan – Think Of Me
Sara Bareilles – Gravity
Sara Bareilles – Blue Bird
Sky Sailing – Take Me Somewhere Nice
Sleeping At Last – Watermark
Sleeping At Last – Turning Page
Switchfoot – Your Love Is A Song
Swimming With Dolphins – Captured
Taylor Swift – Mary’s Song
Taylor Swift – Best Day
The Click Five – Good As Gold
The Script – I’m Yours
The Script – Never Seen Anything Quite Like You
The Vamps – Shout About It



Ash, Luke, and Calum have been either showing up in fancy bars and clubs, or going on an adventure. While Michael has just built a big-ass cozy man cave & been hiding inside it for eternity. Idk maybe playing online games, watching tons of movies. Well, Michael is me. Ash, Luke, and Calum are my friends.
I’ve been asked to join several holiday trips but I ended up turning down each one of them. It’s not that I don’t like spending time with friends / socialize. It’s just not the stuff I want to do the most in my (probably) last holiday. I’m not adventurous. Sure when you say “it’s much more fun when you’re with your friends. Get lost. Try out new things.” It will become more apealling (for some people). But I don’t find that apealling at all.
I feel like building my own man-cave. And probably watching TV shows all day. Or running fan account all day.

Am I weird?


Finding Michael pt. 2; Gotcha!

I remember writing a long embarassing letter to future me. At the end of the letter, I wrote
A year went by. I did find my own Michael.


I know this isn’t the real stuff. But he brings so many joy and happiness and he is mine, in a way. Call me delusional. At least I’m happy. See, I get really defesinve over this whole “happiness” thing. Whenever someone send hate or insult to the things or people that make me happy, I’d go nuts. I be like, “where are YOU when I was down, when I feel like giving up? You don’t make me happy. Keep your thoughts to yourself. I’m not interested.
Anyway. It’d be fun though to read this post someday, and write a letter to the old me, saying that I finally have found my own Michael, you know, as in soulmate. Until then.


Finding Michael pt. 1; How it all started

Done watching the last disc of Nikita season 1. I’m literally glad that I decided to give this series a try. There’s this character named Michael , he’s an agent. Division agent. The one who does all the dirty works for the government. I adore him. He’s my favorite. He has this kind of eagle-eye-look that can literally kill you.
Well, your mental state.
And his voice is husky and deep and bossy.
In episode 17, he finally realized that Division wasn’t the kind place he wanted him to be. He’s done with all the killings & assasinations. He’s finally able to see the big picture and Nikita’s plan to bring down division suddenly made sense. (Nikita was once an agent of division but she’s gone rogue).
See, when Nikita was in Division, there were actualy some sparks happened between her & Michael. So when Michael decided to bail out of Division, he reunited with Nikita, and picked up where he left off.
I can’t stop replaying their bed scene over and over again. Not in a dirty way. No. It’s just… I love watching their affection & feelings toward each other being expressed in such way.

One touch equal thousands of I love yous.

When Nikita had to go on a mission in London, she brought Owen (the Guardian) with her (ps: MICHAEL GAVE THEM ONE OF HIS EAGLE EYE LOOK AND FOR A MOMENT I COULDN’T BREATHE). They were trying to locate one of the black boxes (some sort of usb with tons of Division data in it) that could help them bring Percy + Division down.
Out of the blue, Owen asked her, “How long have you two been together?” And Nikita casually answered, “A while.”
Then as if it’s on cue, Nikita’s phone suddenly rang. It was Michael, checking up on her.
Owen was laughing and said, “Jealous type, isn’t he?”
Nikita answered, “He’s overprotective.”
She answered cool-y, so casually I didn’t hear any high-pitched-fan-girl-hidden-screams going on


Well, for me, overprotective is actually a good trait you want your soulmate to have. In a good way. NOTHING looks, sounds, feels sweeter than a guy being all overprotective on you. Really. Michael was like

Don’t trust this guy. I don’t want anything bad happens to you. You’re the only thing that matters to me.


I mean, imagine I would LOVE to hear them ALL THE TIME. Sometimes girls are so na├»ve and be like “What? Who wants to have a guy like that? I’m a big girl I can take care of myself pffft”  when their boyfriends are being sweet like that.

Well, think again.

(February, 22nd 2013)



One of my high school mates flew to America couple of months ago. Idk why but I was being all cynical about her moving out to USA. I mean it’s not an easy thing to do, get settled in a new environment. What about the community? Will they accept you for who you are? For your beliefs? And the way you dress?
But then again, maybe what I feel inside is actually jealousy.
Because she had a chance to have a different kind of life than the ones we have. It must be nice to have some sort of changes in life. You know, start over. Be someone entirely new.
Another reason is I have this crazy obsession about TV shows, books, artists, bands, etc. And I have to admit I get a bit lonely here. Nobody shares the same interest as me and it is so damn hard to have artists/ bands to do a gig here. Oh and we never ever had a tv show convention or any convention before.
Imagine living in America.

But I’m not ready to do that yet (moving out to another place). I still find it hard to push through my limit & leave my comfort zone. I still have nausea, dyspnea and I always worry about screwing up things.

I envy her. Mostly her courage. And bravery. If somebody offered me a chance to get out of this place, start a new life, I’d probably have to think about it for YEARS.

(Dec,26th 2012)


Fifty Shades pt. 1


I think it’s okay for girls my age to read and fangirl over 50 Shades Trilogy.
I think at some point we have that desire  inside us to have a man like Christian Grey.
To be “treated” like Anastasia Steele.
We all have dark fantasy.
It’s logical.
It shows that we’re human.