Love you like the movies

Halfway through I look at you smiling like you always do, and I can’t help but to stare.
Cause suddenly it hits me as I watch you make-believe, I wanna make this your reality.

Completely in awe with Love You Like the Movies by Anthem Lights. That one is my favorite bit. The girl in this song loves to do all girly stuff including watching chick flick movies, and the boy, God knows, is trying his best to keep up. He probably once thought that chick flick movie was silly. But when he sees his girlfriend all happy, her face lights up, and smiling so adorably, that movie doesn’t look so silly anymore.

I’ll grab your hands, ask you to dance in the middle of the street.
I’ll learn to sign cheesy lines, like “baby you complete me.”
And in case you forget where we’ve been and what we did, I’ll write it all down, I’ll read it out loud. Again. And again

Those lines reek of chick flick lol come on. This is the story about a boy trying to be everything the girl likes. She’s not pushing it. The boy simply wants to do it because all he wanna do is make her happy. And when she’s happy, so is he.
I just have a lot of respect for boys who’s willing to understand why we (girls) love doing certain things, how we feel, the way we think. Willing to spare a minute or two to just listen. And not being judgemental.

I promise if you let me… I’ll love you like the movies…


Guy in red shirt


Okay. I just need to point out that tonight I AM ASHTON GIRL AF. He looks sooo good and happy in Japan! I mean he always looks good but wooooppps. His hair is getting longer and curly-er and he looks so mature and wow asdfghjklasddjkklajskk (I already fangirl hard on twitter if I keep doing this here I’m just gonna sound like a12 y.o.).
Now I can accept the fact that they’re in Japan. They’re having fun. They’re happy.
I can sleep sound tonight.


School is cool

Few months ago I joined a group chat with some of 5SecondsOfSummer fans around Indonesia. Well, they’re young. And passionate. Creative. And very imaginative I might add. The thing that caught my attention was how much hatred they have toward school. It goes the same with the fans on twitter & tumblr. They hate school. A lot. Idk is it just what teenagers do? Or is it because their idols decided to drop outta school and proved that it’s the best decision in their lives?
I’m not saying that the boys set a bad example or anything.
I mean I remember going through high school. But I didn’t get to the point where I wish for really bad weather / for my teachers to be sick / show off to the world that -even if I have tons of homework – I don’t give a frick. Maybe because the use of internet, social media, and smart phone wasn’t really popular back then. So we didn’t get the chance to be that expressive.
I sure was complaining here and there but I never ever hated school that much. I really really want to make them realize that school is important (I AM NOT BEING SARCASTIC). You need good education to get a good job to build a good life so you can fangirl your way to the moon and back don’t you? Fangirling doesn’t come cheap and easy. You’re happy and sparkly now because you’re living under your parents’ roof with your parents’ money. I’m not saying these things bc I’m a good girl or whatever. I’m also scared. I’m so scared thinking about the future I don’t have time to stop and hate school. God I want to say a lot of things to them.
It’s pointless anyway. They’re still young. Packed with hormones and the urge to be rebellious. I’d just end up sounding like their moms. And teenagers hate that don’t they?
Everytime I read their chats my heart breaks. I just hope that 4-5 years later they finally come to their senses.



Not everyone will accomplish something great. Some of us just have to find meanings in the little moments that make up our life.

Howard – The Big Bang Theory


Fly me to…Japan

They’re in JAPAN! They as in ash, cal, mikey, and luke. Right. Okay I’m trying my best to stay away from twitter and other socmeds, but it’s kinda hard since we’re in a voting war. Idk why do I have to stay away from twitter. I guess this has been my ego defense mechanism for a while. I avoid things that may inflict pain, emotional pain. I shut everything down. I’d rather not know.
I mean, when they’re flying out to countries like Australia, NZ, America, I get nothing but excited for the fans. But Japan?
It’s just…. I mean Japan is in Asia right and I’m living in Asia too and they’re in Asia at this very moment and the fact that we’re in the same continent and Japan is just one flight away and oh here’s another fact they’re going to be the opening act of OTRA-Japan I gues that’s all but hey wait here’s another one to make it even, they’re doing a headline show there YAY. Just. That.
Well, there’s literally nothing else I can do. The plane ticket and living expenses are crazy expensive. So yeah, here’s to the fans who can’t make it to Japan.

Talking about voting @ Kids Choice Awards. The nomination we’re voting them for is best new artist. The fam is torn in two. Some of them don’t want 5SOS to win simply because it’s Kids choice awards. They said if 5SOS want to be taken seriously then they have to aim for awards other than KCA. They also said that 5SOS don’t need another 5-7 year old fan.
Me? Well I VOTE OFC hahaha I vote like crazy. To be honest I’m just in for the thrill. You know voting is one of the things that brings fans together. Like we have something in common to fight for. And some of the tweets are sooo funny. I love scrolling down the hashtag vote5SOS. I can literally laugh for minutes. They attach some good pics too! And things from tumblr. It’s super funny. It doesn’t matter what the cause, really. If voting makes you happy then just do it, regardless the outcome. You got nothing to lose anyway. If you don’t like it, then it’s okay. Don’t hate on the ones who voted.
Of course things get heated up quickly at time like this, we’re up against another artist and some of their fans simply don’t know how to chill.
Peace out


Rant 02 – personal lives

You know it’s too much when the fans start getting mad when they find out that the boys have been hanging out with girls. Rumors spread fast. They’ll make trends on twitter, explaining why their idols can’t date that particular girl, then start bringing out stuff like they wouldn’t do it 2/3 years ago, fame changes them, they change a lot.
Duh. Of course they change a lot. People change, especially teenagers. They might be naïve cute and innocent 2/3 years ago but things change.
I personally don’t give a damn about the girls they’re banging. Well, I do care for them, like I don’t want them to get hurt, go in the wrong way and stuff cheesy I know. But what can I do? It comes with the job. They’re lonely on the road. It’s not us who chase the boredom away. Things get frustrating on tour, it’s not us who get to comfort them, physically be there for them. What can we do, as fans? We’re not their parents. It’s their lives. They have every right to experience love, hate, heartbreaks. Our job is to support them, and get their back when things got bad. Don’t get too involved in their personal lives, don’t dig too deep. Be realistic.
Because people, even idols, disappoint.