Playlist 22; bust a move.

Astrid S. – Jump

Daya – Sit Still Look Pretty

Drake – Controlla

Jamesthemormon ft. David Archuleta – Workin’

John Newman – Olè

Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber – Cold Water

Matoma ft. Becky Hill – False Alarm

Olly Murs – You Don’t Know Love

Snakeships ft. ZAYN – Cruel

The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – Closer

Tinashe – All Hands On Deck 


Another Sunday funday I stand in the corner.

Every once in a while we need to get dressed up, go to a fancy wedding, stand in the corner; watching the chirpy happy crowd as if they’re moving in slo-mo, suddenly the time stops and the “what about me moment sinks in. It’s a mixture of happiness and sadness. Like, in the middle of laughing you have the urge to cry (?). I have nothing against the brides really, like, congrats!!! I just need to write my feelings out. Anxiety and all. Tap tap.

Anyhow, I met one of my junior high school friends there. We went to Primagama together. She was lovely, and cheerful. The usual convos kicked in; how are you, how’s your school going, are you a doctor yet, any silly story in medschool, thank God above there was no kamu kapan nikah– question popped up. Or else I’d flip table. Lol kidding. Probably  not. But my heart felt extra warm when she gave such high praises over my (future) career, being a doctor. She said that even I looked different. More composed, and cooler. Well junior high was awful, I looked absolutely awful. I mean didn’t we all? I complimented her back, cause that’s how you socialize? But I could hear & see & feel that she’s not fishing for some compliments. She genuinely thought (and still thinks) that it’s cool. “Being in medschool is a tough job, you need to be extra patient, diligent. You have all that, no wonder you’re getting in one (medschool).” She told me how she wanted to be a doctor, badly. How it was her childhood dream and that I was so lucky. And it’s not just a friendly talk you’re forced to make when you bump into someone and it’s just too rude to walk away. I could feel her sincerity and my eyes were brimming with tears. She’s got a fricking job in a fricking company with fricking eyes-popping wage yet she’s super awestruck at me being a fricking doctor!!! God, life is funny that way. 

I’m not trying to show off or anything. With the knowledge of what’s really going on inside medschool, things we have to go through, and the little things that we will achieve, showing off is literally the last thing in our bucket list. Medschool is far from the word “cool”. Like there’s literally nothing to show. Lol. My point is, it’s not every day we, I, get reassurance about what I do (and will do) for living. It’s nice to have people remind us about the value of our job. I mean, I know being a doctor has tons of things to do with humanity, but as DM life passes you by, you start wondering, what I’m really doing here? It’s nice to know that people, outside medicine world know, it takes a lot, your sanity included. It’s nice to be appreciated. 

Thank you, Linda. You made a sappy girl smile today. Good luck on your career, you’re superb!